Poems About life and God

Imperfect Me

If I try hard and still fall down

Then don’t see all that I could learn

If I come close and still fail

Then don’t get much of what I did earn


Why do these things hurt?

When I see me struggling

Why are they so hard still?

When all I see is my fall


You still call me up when I’m down

You view me better, even perfection you see

You still believe in me when I don’t

You still encourage and love imperfect me


So believe in me when I doubt

Carry me when my feet falter

I’m on my knees and call out

Encourage my mind and heart to alter

For fear and doubt call and linger

If I can walk closer with Your will

As a small child clutching at your finger

Pause at times and hold me still

If I can own what you said for my heart to hear

I can walk with ease and go placidly

For gone, I’m sure, will be doubt and fear

Approaching then noise and haste intrepidly


Of course I may struggle but be assured

There is some reason and refining

In this proofing ground to be matured

To my Father’s heart, mine aligning


I’ll get up when I’m down

Taking your view, owning what to be

Believing in You, endeavoring for more

You still encourage and love imperfect me 

Published by Knight Trainer Second

I love games, outdoor things, playing with my kids and enjoying life. I grew up mostly in Arizona, moved to Alaska two years after college for a new job, moved to Maryland for a better job, got married at some point, and now have 5 kids.

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