A Renewed Sense

It could be on the order of a revelation that I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of the world around me and my potential capabilities in this world.

In placing no blame, I’m inclined to say that my self-confidence has been stunted in my up-bringing.  Many factors, I’m sure, could be called to bear on this but the crux that shaped my self-confidence hung on an idealized structure and perfect professionalism that in my mind could never be attained, or for which that I may never be good enough.  Such felt my outlook on entering the world.  Even as a Christian and with my worth tied to my identity in Jesus Christ, I had at least a sense of inadequacy of “taking on the world” and striving for my goals.  My budding Christian maturity not-withstanding, I’d say my generic two-cent pep talk to my teenage self might be:

Don’t forget that every working professional is by nature human and that every business, economy, or government is shrouded by some layer or more of a game-like perception.  Do not put limits on yourself for what you want to achieve.  Strive for the best in yourself and others. 

In expounding, it seems that in all the working and professional pursuits – be it forming a nation, government, or running a local business – they may all be boiled down to some analogous base of kids playing games in the backyard like army, house, doctor, or shopping.  These innocent and fun games are usually perceived as how they might view the “adult” world.  I wonder if the opposite might be an even truer and profoundly more insightful understanding that our once child-like games have just expanded or continued at greater levels now that those kids have become older.  It feels and looks truer to me as some of the “professional” veneer has been peeled back thanks to indiscretions, mis-dealings, and sub-standards from those acting within – or without in some cases – our grown-up agreed-upon arrangements. 

Having now some years on my teenage self, I hope that I’ve grown and matured along the way not only physically, mentally, or emotionally but also spiritually with my walk with Jesus Christ.  I’ve been known to myself to put on rose-colored glasses, and I hope that in what I convey here aids only in removing such a tint.  To add a further note in light of my faith, my two-cent addendum might be:

We all have the same start, whether you stand with Christ or not.  Everyone is your neighbor.  Find and hone the talents God gave you so you may better know your part in God’s bigger picture.

Published by Knight Trainer Second

I love games, outdoor things, playing with my kids and enjoying life. I grew up mostly in Arizona, moved to Alaska two years after college for a new job, moved to Maryland for a better job, got married at some point, and now have 5 kids.

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