About Me

First time blogger!

I hope to challenge, inspire and encourage others to think.

I’ve been adulting for more than a decade (in mid 30s 🙂 ), hold down a steady job, have a beautiful wife of more than 10 years, have 5 awesome kids, and have learned several things along my journey of life … thus far.  One thing I’ve learned is that I’m always learning, there’s always something to learn.

My relationship with Christ is first and foremost. Yes, I’d say I’m Christian.

[April 8, 2021 Update]

The year of 2020 has been certainly a crazy one with the COVID pandemic impacting so many things and people. My year of 2020 has had many hard, personal changes and challenges in my life. My heart goes out for those who’ve experience loss and hardships within the past year and recently.

I would like to return to sharing encouragement and posts; yet, it has felt challenging for me to try to do that recently.

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