“Why not?” May be my glib answer.

Though my reason for adding my voice to a blog is more profound than that.

In summation, my top reasons are …

1) My faith. I’ve had struggles in my walk with Christ. While you may come from a different place in regards to Jesus Christ, I encourage you still to hear ( well read ) what can be applicable to anyone.

2) My kids. I have Young kids who have started to ask questions and may also have interesting stories. I learn from them as well as hoping they hear what wisdom I can impart.

3) You. I hope you as the reader may come away with things you may have learned or found insightful or encouraging.

I’ve entitled the blog (or is it page?) “Training, Equipping and Fully Enjoying Life” because I’ve come to appreciate that many activities and efforts in life should be intentional in learning, growing and bettering one self, which would also then allow for greater enjoyment of what life can offer.

I do have a sense of humor which may be more evident when I come to share kid adventures or stories. 🙂

Or it may pop up at different times.




(4 or 5?) And a low but circumspect, honest answer is to see if there may be passive income yielded from any blogging efforts. Sorry, but it was a thought of mine as I put together this page since I do not mean to deceive.

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